2019 Calendar
October 12th: Bar Fight Defense Seminar
    • Time: 10 AM to 12 PM​​
    • Cost: $45 (includes first drink)
    • Location: Cerberus
                                       702 W Colorado Blvd, Colorado Springs 80905
Description: Just about everyone has experienced a great night out on the town that took a downhill turn. When crowds, noise, and mind-altering substances are involved, a night club or bar can transform into a brawl with little or no warning. Have you ever gotten caught in the middle? Even finding a way out of the line of fire of a drunk person’s blind strikes can be a challenge.​
This seminar will set you up to defend yourself and stay safe in these situations! Low visibility, a lack of ability to communicate normally, and high stress are all factors in the nightclub scene. Learn to keep your bearings, spot the exits, and move away from danger as quickly as possible while defending yourself against physical attacks.
Space is limited, so make sure to give yourself time to get a spot before registration is closed!

October 13th: Women's only self-defense seminar
    • Time: 10 AM to 12 PM​​ and 1 PM to 3 PM
    • Cost: $15 + any donation you would like to make to TESSA
    • Location: FSKM headquarters 
                                      2111 N Weber St. Colorado Springs 80907
Description: ​Every 9 seconds, a woman in the U.S. is beaten or assaulted by a current or ex-significant other. 

1 in 4 men are victims of some form of physical violence by an intimate partner.

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month is an annual designation observed in October. For many, home is a place of love, warmth, and comfort. It’s somewhere that you know you will be surrounded by care and support, and a nice little break from the busyness of the real world. But for millions of others, home is anything but a sanctuary. The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that 1.3 million women and 835,000 men are victims of physical violence by a partner every year.

The seminar will cover basic self-defense to stop an assault. We will go over releases form grabs and chokes, takedown prevention, basic counters and hair pull defense.  100% of ll proceeds will go to TESSA
December 14th :  Kubaton/Keychane Self-Defense  Tool and Cellphone Seminar
Past events:​
  • April 27th: Woman's only self-defense seminar
    • Date: April 27th
    • Time: 10AM to 12PM​​
    • Cost: $15 + any donation you would like to make to the women's shelter 
    • Location: FSKM headquarters 
                                  2111 N Weber St. Colorado Springs 80907
Description: ​Our Women only self-defense seminar will teach you how to defend yourself against strikes, grabs and chokes.  Class is taught in as safe and fun environment suitable for all levels of practitioners.  100% of all funds raised for this seminar will go to support the Colorado Springs women's shelters.  
  • May 18th: Family Defense Seminar
    • Date:May 18th
    • Time: 10AM to 12PM​​
    • Cost: $40 + $30 for each family member you bring
    • Location: FSKM headquarters 
                                     2111 N Weber St. Colorado Springs 80907
Description: ​The Family Defense seminar teaches you the basics of third Party protection to help you keep your loved ones safe during an altercation.  You will learn hoe to safely disengage your loved ones form an aggressor, de-escalate conflicts and evacuate your loved ones to a safe area.  
  •  June 29th: Car Jacking prevention/Defense Seminar
    • Date: June 29th
    • Time: 10AM to 12PM​​
    • Cost: $40 + $30 for each family member you bring
    • Location: FSKM headquarters 
           2111 N Weber St. Colorado Springs 80907
 Description: Colorado Springs sees over 2000 auto-thefts a year. Learn how to defend yourself against carjackers that you feel want more than just your car! They may be attempting to abduct you and/or your passengers, do serious injury to you or worse.
A large percentage of carjackings occur in suburban or rural areas, and a weapon is almost always used. In fact, about 63% incidents occur within 5 miles of a victim's home.
What you will learn:
-How to defend yourself while in and out of your vehicle
-When to exit your vehicle and when to use your vehicle as a barrier
-Handgun and Knife defense that can be used in and out of your vehicle and more!
  • July: Self-Defense for college bound students
    • Date: July 20th at 10AM​ and July 26th at 4PM
    • Cost: $40-$50 
    • Location: FSKM headquarters
    • Description:
Whether your high school seniors are college-bound or starting their first career, they will be spending a considerable amount of time with relative strangers in various unfamiliar settings. So, when your seniors are out there, will they know how to recognize potentially threatening situations? Will they know how to defend themselves against a physical attack?
Soteric Group* and Krav Maga First Strike are partnering to bring Soteric Group’s Introduction to Personal Self-Defense training course to our graduates. This 2-hour interactive training, taught by Ben Skee, a certified Krav Maga expert with over 10 years of experience teaching personal self-defense, includes the basic self-defense techniques they need to know to help keep themselves safe. Each section of the following course outline includes visual demonstrations and practical exercises, so our seniors will get the opportunity to practice and gain confidence with their new-found skills.