Ranking System

"Scheduling" a test

Once a student has demonstrated enough proficiency and skill in a rank, the sensei at the school will determine when they will test. Senseis have no "set" testing schedule. Tests are only offered once the Sensei has full confidence that the student will pass. The Sensei will discuss what the next rank means for the student and the expectations of the upcoming rank.

Rank System

Krav Maga ranks are split into three categories: Practitioner, Graduate, and Expert. Each category is described further on this page. Below is the breakdown of each rank, as well as any weapons acquired at that rank:


Practitioners will typically spend 2-5 months within each P-level

Level 0 (Known as all new students)

Level 1 (P1)

Level 2 (P2)

Level 3 (P3)

Level 4 (P4)

Level 5 (P5)



Graduates will typically spend 5-7 months within each level

Level 1 (G1): Gains Escrima Sticks upon successful completion of test, may also teach unsupervised to lower ranks

Level 2 (G2)

Level 3 (G3)

Level 4 (G4): Gains Thonfas upon successful completion of test

Level 5 (G5): May teach AND promote students up to one rank below current rank (for G5, this means to G4. For an E2, this means up to E1, etc)



Expert-level Kravists, more commonly known as "black belts" will normally spend 3 years within each rank, and serve more to teach, lead, and contribute to Krav Maga.

Level 1 (E1): Acquires title of Sensei, Shodan.

Level 2 (E2): Acquires title of Nidan

Level 3 (E3): Acquires title of Sandan

Level 4 (E4): Acquires title of Yodan

Level 5 (E5): Acquires title of Godan



Masters are few and far between, and only a handful of Krav Maga masters exist in the world. The Master ranks range from M1-M3, and these Kravists are founders or those who have dedicated entire lives to the art of Krav Maga.



Insignia - Patches

The International Krav Maga Federation uses patches to indicate a student (or instructor's) rank and experience. In general, the first letter of the category is on top, with the level of that category indicated with a stripe, and the IKMF logo separating the two:


Vince Lombardi


The sole focus of the Krav Maga Practitioner is to harness the aggression and survival instinct that is characteristic of all Krav Maga moves. Striving for improved form and seeing areas of opportunity is what will best serve the Krav Maga Practitioner.


Graduates are those students that are spending the next few years transitioning from student to instructor. Advanced moves and dynamics are learned not only for teaching purposes, but to set the mindset of innovation and opportunity within a fight. The higher the graduate rank, the more the student should focus on teaching


Experts are the leaders and certified instructors of Krav Maga. While simultaneously practicing and fine tuning the moves and concepts within Krav, Experts strive to develop the students into the fighters they need to be in order to survive on the streets or any hostile environment. The measure of success for an Expert is not only the skills and athletic ability gained from years in Krav, but their students' ability to understand and apply those moves and dynamics that are taught.