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First Strike Krav Maga Instructors


Our First Strike Krav Maga Instructors have a combined 15+ years of Krav Maga, and all instructors have extensive experience in other martial arts, ranging from Karate to Shito Ru to Tae Kwon Do. 

Sensei Ben Skee

Chief Instructor Benjamin Skee has been practicing Krav Maga since 2008, Originally Training under Sensei  Christopher McDermott, A former USAF Pararescuman who trained at the IDF. Training in a Krav Maga and Shito Ryu hybrid Sensei Skee earned his Expert Level Two (second Degree Black Belt) in June 2014.   In 2017 Skee earned his Krav Maga Global Instructor certification. Continuing his training he eared his law enforcement Instruction Certification from 360 Krav Maga in 2018.  While Sensei Skee now teaches primarily Krav Maga but maintains connection with his training roots in Shito Ryu, honoring his second generation black belt from Sensei Katsutaka Tanaka.  

Sensei Mike Vetri

Sensei Mike Vetri was first introduced to Krav Maga in 2009.  He began training with Ben Skee in 2011 in a Krav Maga and Shito Ryu hybrid earning his E-1 certification in September 2014. He also has experience in boxing and American Karate. Sensei Vetri is In San Antonio.

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